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Do your translations seem too expensive? Are the volumes rapidly increasing? You need to write, translate and review texts and are starting to feel under pressure? We create the technical infrastructure you need. We analyze the way text documents are edited, updated, and translated in your organization and help you optimize your workflows.

We are fast, reliable, and efficient. Seasoned experts in process analysis form the core of our team. We are intimately familiar with a broad range of industries and are not tied to any software supplier, which means that we always find the perfect software for your specific set of tasks. This will demonstrably save your business both time and money.

Our news

Machine translation in corporate environments – is it worth it?

The introduction of machine translation in a company is a serious step that raises many questions regarding its technical implementation, its incorporation into the existing translation workflow and its effect upon data security and cost efficiency. Because of the newly sparked interest in the general applicability of machine translation caused by NMT (Neural Machine Translation), we are dedicating a longer article to this subject aiming to answer some fundamental questions and to prepare the ground for an initial assessment. Read more →

The Curse of Multilingualism: Easy Website Localization?

Multilingual websites have long been a must in our global village. Neat flags representing language options adorn the homepage of every important company and organization. Behind these, all too often, lie incomplete, inconsistent translations with poor formatting and a lack of localization. But how can this be avoided? blc finds this pressing issue highly interesting and has prepared a few tips. Read more →

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