Excellent Trados User Group – ETUG 2018 – Düsseldorf

It was in one word – supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 64 SDL power users and colleagues from 10 countries met at the ETUG (European Trados User Group) in Düsseldorf and talked about (almost) nothing but SDL tools, apps, workflows, road maps, use cases and innovations for two days. Good stuff as well as some potential in the SDL portfolio were discussed, and the SDL colleagues took place on the ‚hot seat‘ and answered all questions with courage and openness. During the presentations, breaks, networking events and the SDL dinner was enough time for talking shop and share experiences with the tools. And we also had a lot of fun!

ETUG Conference 2018 – Christiane Mieth, Francois Filandre, from ETUG Committee, shortly before the conference started

„A tale of two cities“

Cologne and/or Düsseldorf? We have made this question the topic of our conference supporting event and addressed it culinary. Everything started with a Kölsch tasting in Dusseldorf’s first Kölsch brewery, the ‚Eigelstein‘, continued with a Düsseldorf city tour with the legendary Joe and ended with the SDL sponsored dinner in ‚Füchschen‘, where Altbier could be tested. Which beer ‚won‘ in the end could not actually be established. But more important was that participants received some valuable information and above all had lots of fun.

Our walk through the old town with Joe Martine – we loved it Joe!

Not all conferences are the same

That’s true of course, but the ETUG is always a great event and that was also the case this time. This is mainly due to the participants. Both power users and SDL colleagues contribute so much that the conference almost organizes itself. I say ‚almost‘, because the ETUG committee consisting of Beate Früh (büro b3), Francois Filandre (RWS), Laurent Gottardo (WIPO), Laurent Pierret (EPO), Ralf Lemster (rlft) and Christiane Mieth (blc) put a lot of energy and love into the preparation in advance – on a voluntary basis, of course. Our new moderator was also more than up to the challenge. Ralf Lemster guided us through the whole conference – super cool, with a lot of humor and non-disruptively. Thanks again for this great performance, Ralf!

Source Hans Pich: Ralf Lemster during the moderator’s work

So what are the results?

Presentations, contents and results are reserved for ETUG members. Of course we’ll be very happy to share our joint presentation with Milica Panic from TAUS ‚Machine translation quality in SDL WorldServer – with TAUS Tools‘ with you (please contact Christian Eisold). This much can be revealed: SDL took ideas and needs of users home and we are sure that some of the urgent topics will be addressed in the near future. Also SDL tools keep ‚merging‘: the topic ‚confluence‘ continues to occupy the software manufacturer. However, there won’t be pure SDL cloud tools  in the foreseeable future; so the trend still goes towards ‚hybrid solutions‘. This aspect of the SDL road map was well received by the representatives of major companies and organizations on the conference.

Source blc: Paul Filkin, SDL on the exciting topic of customer services

When and where will we meet again?

In 2019 the ETUG will yet again take place in Düsseldorf, hosted by the blc team. The exact date ’sometime in May‘ will be determined and announced by the ETUG committee asap.

You are an SDL Power user and use either many individual SDL installations or large TMS, WorldServer or GroupShare environments? You would like to attend the next ETUG conference and participate? No problem, just apply and become an ETUG member!

We are already very much looking forward to the ETUG 2019 in our beautiful Düsseldorf –  it will be great!

Are you coming?

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