Gastbeitrag: Terminology Usage in Machine Translation

blc Gastbeitrag: „Terminology Usage in Machine Translation“

Unser MÜ-Experte Christian Eisold hat für den Blog „eMpTy Pages“ von Kirti Vashee, in dem hauptsächlich Themen zur Übersetzungstechnologie, Lokalisierung und Maschineller Übersetzung behandelt werden, einen Gastbeitrag geschrieben. Der englische Beitrag beschäftigt sich mit dem Terminologie-Einsatz in der Maschinellen Übersetzung.


„Currently, the world of machine translation is struck by the impact of deep learning techniques which deal with the matter of optimizing networks between the sentences in a training set for a given language pair. Neural MT (NMT) has made its way from a few publications in 2014 up to the current state, where several practical applications of professional MT services use NMT in a more and more sophisticated way. The method, which is thought to be a revelation in the field of MT for developers and users alike, does hold many advantages compared to classical statistical MT. Besides the improvements like increased fluency, which is obviously a huge step in the direction of human-like translation output, it is well known that NMT has its disadvantages when it comes to the usage of terminology. The efforts made in order to overcome these obstacles show the crucial role that terminology plays in MT customization. At berns language consulting (blc) we are concerned with and focus on terminology management as a basis for language quality optimization processes on a daily basis. We sense that there is a growing interest for MT integration in various fields of businesses, so we took a look into current MT systems and the state of terminology integration in these systems.“

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Oder möchten Sie gerne wissen, wie Terminologie in den MÜ-Prozess integriert werden kann? Dann schauen Sie sich die Aufzeichnung unseres Partner-Webinars „Terminologie-Einsatz in der Maschinellen Übersetzung“ mit Andrew Rufener (Omniscien Technologies) an.

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