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“Thank you so much! Your expertise and market know-how brought the outside language technology world to us and helped greatly with our continuous process optimization.”

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GDPR in Translation Systems

In the last article of the GDPR series, Kerstin Berns made the connection between the most important principles of the GDPR and translation processes. Now, we are looking into the practical aspect to see how these principles can be implemented with current translation systems and which solutions the manufacturers already possess. Read more →

A Closer Look: Machine Translation in Across

Today’s Translation Management Systems (TMS) are usually equipped with a variety of connectors for the integration of Machine Translation Systems (MT systems). More and more systems, like Google AutoML, are now enabling users to train engines with their own language data. With an increasing number of user-specific engines in various languages and specialist areas (domains), the TMS, connector and machine translation system need to work together smoothly to enable flexible integration of the engines. Today’s installment of our blog series showcases this integration process via the example of the cloud-based MT system KantanMT and the TMS Across. First, we will discuss the MT System KantanMT and then go on to explain how it is integrated into the translation process within Across. Read more →

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