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TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit at Microsoft, Dublin

On 11 April 2018 Microsoft Dublin hosted the TAUS* QE Summit for the 6th time and Vincent Gadani was our perfect host. The day was full and very energetic with plenty of subjects touching not only on quality but also on more general, visionary subjects. We had four main topics with panels throughout the day and a break-out session at the end. The break-out session was intended for the identification of items/issues for TAUS to work on until the next meeting, or “homework”, as Jaap van der Meer called it. In this blog I’d like to share my most important takeaways with you. Read more →

Machine translation in corporate environments – is it worth it?

The introduction of machine translation in a company is a serious step that raises many questions regarding its technical implementation, its incorporation into the existing translation workflow and its effect upon data security and cost efficiency. Because of the newly sparked interest in the general applicability of machine translation caused by NMT (Neural Machine Translation), we are dedicating a longer article to this subject aiming to answer some fundamental questions and to prepare the ground for an initial assessment. Read more →

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