Professional Support

We support your process landscape!

Do language processes and language tools take up too much of your valuable time? Worry no more! Simply entrust your language processes and your systems to our professional support.

We optimize and maintain your language platform to help you achieve your corporate goals.

We offer support for your terminology, translation, language quality, or AI language tool environments. Our team works closely together with your language and IT teams to provide the support you want.

Because your successful language process is our success!

blc professional support

Language processes need love (and professional support)

When new language processes are introduced everything is great, and everyone involved is very enthusiastic. In order for these processes to stay great and become better over time, you need to know what users need, fix errors, answer questions, and sometimes set up a new workflow or correct an existing one.

Experience has shown that it does not pay to apply internal resources to these tasks as it takes not only too much time but also very specific know-how. This is exactly what we are here for!

We support all language processes and systems professionally, according to your needs. Be it for 2nd level support, master data maintenance, testing new interfaces, or creating Change Requests. Plus, we make sure that all your processes and systems remain future-oriented and we provide useful insights for development opportunities.

Specialist support for the Corporate Language Management Platform

An automotive manufacturer has all internal translation processes centralized in a corporate language platform. The system supplier is responsible for technical support (so-called 3rd level). Technical requirements, error messages, and user questions were not always handled as quickly as needed because of an internal lack of time and resources.

We take over the specialist (so-called 2nd-level) support for the entire translation process landscape at the customer’s site and ensure that error messages are tested, fixed, or passed on to the system supplier, user questions are answered and new requirements are discussed promptly. We also create tickets, document best-practices and create FAQs for users. 
The result: our customers, their users, and even the system provider are happy because the system runs better overall and the company’s strategic goals are reached.

And this is what our support for your language environment looks like.

Set-up support process

  • Create process FAQ for users
  • Determine KPIs for troubleshooting
  • Define support process with stakeholders

Deliver on support

  • Analyse, fix or pass on errors
  • Carry out technical adjustments
  • Clarify errors with the supplier
  • Collect error statistics & KPIs

Manage environments

  • Document and analyse requests
  • Create change requests
  • Test functions & interfaces
  • Maintain master data

Do you want to know more about our use cases or how we can take time off your hands with our professional support?

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