Managed Services

We can manage this!

Do you lack time to do your real job? Do you have to maintain translation environments or terminology workflows? Do you wonder why you are the one taking care of all this master data? Worry no more! Just hand-over those tedious and time-consuming tasks to process and systems professionals.

We maintain, optimize, test, and support all language environments for you
so that your processes run smoothly. We offer Managed Services for all areas of the language process chain, e.g. terminology, translation, language data, or AI.

The advantages: Managed Services enable you to react quickly to changes in the market, remain future-oriented, work resource-efficient, and professionally outsource tasks that do not belong to your core business.

Our Managed Services team works closely with your business and IT teams to provide you with the support you need.

After all: your successful language process is our success!

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Language processes need love - and Managed Services

It’s great when new processes and systems are introduced and people are usually very invested in the beginning. For processes and system environments to remain in a good state and get even better, you need to know what your users need, fix mistakes, answer questions, and set up or correct workflows.

Companies struggle to cover these tasks with internal resources, as their core business is usually elsewhere. Fortunately, this is not necessary, as Professional Managed Services exist just for this purpose. 

We support you with order management, data management and maintenance, and provide user support for all language process environments: machine translation, language data managementlanguage quality, or translation and terminology management.

We also help you define feature or change requests and test your supplier’s implementation. And we always take care that processes and systems are future-proof  and provide useful guidance for making meaningful adjustments to the environment.

Three good reasons why you can confidently leave your language process support with us:

  • We are experts and know the systems like the back of our hand
  • We know what is going on in the market, what is planned by the system suppliers and what the next big thing will be
  • We maintain a large network and make our experiences available to all our customers

Support the Corporate Language Management Platform

An automotive manufacturer has centralized all internal translation processes in a corporate language platform. The system supplier is responsible for technical support (3rd level). Technical requirements, error messages, and user questions were not always handled as quickly as needed because of lack of time and resources.

We take over the 2nd-level support for the entire language process landscape at the customer’s site and ensure that error messages are tested and, if necessary, passed on to the system supplier, user questions are answered and new requirements are discussed promptly. The result: our customers, their users, and even the system provider are happy because the system runs better overall.

Examples of Managed Services.

Managed services for language data

  • Monitor language quality
  • Align & clean language data
  • Train & test MT engines

Managed services for translation environments

  • Manage translation jobs & master data
  • Support TMS users
  • Test workflows & features

Managed services for terminology processes

  • Maintain terminology
  • Monitor term workflows
  • Support terminology users

Do you want to know more about our use cases or how you can use our Managed Services?

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