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Good content quality for products that speak for themselves.

When creating content of good quality you lay the foundation for all subsequent processes. The better the quality of the content in the source language, the better your translation results and the better your product will be understood – in all languages, markets and channels!

This can be done by using an authoring assistance, that supports authors to create understandable, good quality content and use the company terminology in the process. 

Especially for highly automated text processes it is highly recommeded to control the source text quality in order to avoid errors that might damage a company’s image or even customers.

We ensure that your text processes are performed in the desired quality!

Best texts for your products – worldwide.

A translation is only as good as the source text itself. So it is all the more important that you ensure good quality of your content. We support you with writing rules and authoring assistance tools that provide system-based error detection and facilitate consistent use of company terminology.

Use Case "Introduction of an authoring quality assistance"

Challenge: A large German car manufacturer wanted to better control the quality of source text for all brands and types of text. A system-supported review of source text was to support authors in following the company guidelines in order to guarantee the publishing of correct content.

Solution: berns language consulting evaluated the best system solution to ensure source language quality for the customer. For this purpose, suitable systems were evaluated and compared to customer requirements. Thorough software testing and a proof-of-concept ensured that the selected system covered all customer bases. The authoring quality assurance system was then implemented and has been used successfully for many years.

Use case "Continuous optimization of text quality in the source language"

Challenge: A large German machine manufacturer wanted to systematically improve the quality of text in the source language. Although authors were already using an authoring quality assistance system, the quality of the results was not as expected.

Solution: berns language consulting provides ongoing support with text review, maintenance of review rules, testing of new functionalities, implementation of new rules and training of authors to ensure the best use of the system. Our customer achieves consistently high quality in the source texts and has highly skilled authores at the same time.

And this is how we help you improve your text quality.

We define quality processes

  • Defining assurance processes for source and target 
  • Setting KPIs and objectives for quality monitoring

We introduce quality tools

  • Evaluating & implementing quality assurance tools
  • Creating manuals style guides for consistent content

We improve content quality

  • Improving content quality with tools like Congree or Acrolinx
  • Creating review rules and customizing databases

Would you like to know more about our use cases or how we help you improve the quality of your content effectively?

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