Willkommen bei blc! Wir beraten zu professioneller Übersetzungssoftware, maschineller Übersetzung und Terminologiemanagement!

Best data and digital language processes for great content

Your content grows steadily, translation cost as well, at the same time the quality is sinking, and you don’t know where to start? Worry no more! We at blc design efficient language processes, perfectly tailored to the needs of your company and the latest customer requirements.

Let us show you how to save money, increase content quality, use artificial intelligence to drive the digitalization of your language processes, and manage translation volumes efficiently at the same time. Sounds good?

Language Data

For all processes & systems

Terminology Processes

For clear corporate language

Terminology Processes

For clear corporate language

Managed Services

For all language environments

Our customers

“Kudos for offering so much knowledge in such little time, with real-life examples.I really liked the quiz as well as the modular format of your training. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

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We support our international retail customers with our expertise to digitize their language processes successfully. 

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“Thank you for your excellent support and documentation! The workshop was informative and well-structured, and the results are very on point. You have helped us so much with our system selection.”

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We support our pharmaceutical customers with the creation of future-proof language(data) strategies and secure language processes.

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“Thank you so much! Your expertise and market know-how brought the outside language technology world to us and helped greatly with our continuous process optimization.”

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We introduce translation processes and terminology workflows to our customers in the information technology sector and help implement AI-based language applications. 

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Our team

Kerstin Berns

CEO & language business strategy consultant

Veronika Bohl

Language process consultant & project management

Jenny Seidel

Terminology management & language process consultant

Rebecca Gasper

Terminology & translation management consultant

Christian Eisold

Machine translation & NLP consultant


Sophia Ackermann

Computational linguistics & language technology consultant


Elias Kempkens

Language data analysis & programming

Carolin Schlösser

Language process consultant & interface analyst

Christiane Spooren

Senior language process consultant & sales

Axel Berns

Senior sales & marketing specialist

Stephanie Kunz-Kiefer

Marketing & social media expert

Woody vom Bökerhook

Mood enhancer & happy people support

Marketing & Social Media bei blc Andrei Sumcov

Andrei Sumcov

Marketing & Social Media