Automotive industry

Digitization 'drives' the automotive industry

In the age of connected and autonomous vehicles, drivers as well as marketing professionals, customer service and dealers rely on comprehensive, up-to-date and individualized content. These customer-centric innovation cycles create new demands for digital content:

  • Digital user guides in vehicles, customer portals and mobile devices
  • Flexible localization for on-board software is essential in the era of connected vehicles
  • Real-time multilingual access to requests, comments and reporting with machine translation

We successfully accompany our customers from the automotive industry for many years with trainings, process-consulting services. implementation and optimization of language processes and systems and – last but not least – with testing and support

Customer voice

“Kudos for covering all these relevant topics in such short time, always with examples. I really liked the quizzes and the modular style. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!”

Challenge: An automotive manufacturer wanted to expand the database of an application for guided troubleshooting. The reason: Many users used many different terms and abbreviations for specific components, fault patterns and fault locations during troubleshooting and often received no results.

Our solution: We created a new, expanded database with as many variants as possible. For this purpose, language data from databases, translation memories, after-sales literature and other sources were first extracted and processed. This data was then used to create a vector space model of all the terms used. With the help of the data model generated ilike this, synonyms for existing naming lists were identified in the texts, thus making troubleshooting efficient even for a wide variety of input variants.

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Challenge: A large German automobile manufacturer wanted to better control the quality of the source texts for all brands and text types! A system-supported quality assurance of the source text was needed so that all authors would follow the corporate guidelines and write and publish correct source content.

Our solution: We evaluated the best system solution to ensure source language quality. We compared market leading systems on the basis of the customer’s requirements. Thorough software tests and a proof-of-concept were used to ensure that system functionalities suited the customer’s requirements. The quality assurance system has been in production successfully for many years.

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The challenge: A German manufacturer of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with an internal language management department and a central translation management portal must meet daily requirements with standard and consistent processes. Everything from the source format to translation workflow is standardized. To ensure that all processes work smoothly, new interfaces are continually tested and introduced.

Our solution: We specify relevant interfaces and accompany the corporate divisions to the production state of the translation workflow. We test workflows for correctness and compliance with the requirements using sophisticated test scenarios. We create comprehensive process descriptions to ensure that all workflows are built using standard modules and meet the customer’s business needs.

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