Language data for artificial intelligence

Making language data fit for AI.

Advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) are driving the development of new applications incredibly fast. What is most important here is the right data, in the right form, in the right place. It does not matter for which AI processes the data should be used.

We help you to get your valuable data into the right form for AI and keep it up to date.

We design the AI data process for you, including data preparation, training and testing. So that your valuable data, together with the AI, perfectly map your use cases.

And of course we also help you to answer all questions about your AI use cases.

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AI questions about AI questions?

We have answers for you! From ‘What is AI, what kind of AI is there and what is it useful for?’ Up to ‘How can I use RAG with my data and use it with a local LLM?’ We listen, answer your questions and also like to go through the topics in a workshop with you.

With your data, our expertise and AI, you are unbeatable.

One thing is already clear: Large Language Models are extremely data-hungry and there is already not enough data. Your data is therefore not only important, but worth gold. AI applications are really good when combined with well maintained customer data.

We therefore support you with automated processes, with our Data Toolkit, to create a solid database. And we will accompany you with the selection of suitable AI applications for your use cases and business processes.

Would you like to put your hand on your own? Wonderful! We have learned that in the AI field co-creation is an important part of successful implementation while building knowledge.

And of course, we not only accompany you in the production of your AI applications, but also support you with managed services.

Use Case "AI-based quality assessment of translations"

Challenge: An automotive manufacturer wants to make its translation processes more efficient by automatically assessing the quality of machine and human translations: Post editors are only supposed to correct really unusable translations. For this purpose, AI systems will be tested and integrated into existing translation workflows if suitable.

Solution: berns language consulting reviews existing solutions for AI-based quality assessment of translations and conducts workshops with clients and leading experts in the field. The requirements and implementation scenarios resulting from the workshops are the basis of a POC in which a suitable system is to be selected and tested. blc assists the customer in system selection and testing of the system. Integration options, test procedures and system components are documented by blc and discussed with the customer in workshops.

We help you to get your data ready for AI application.

AI Scenarios & Strategy

  • Define the AI strategy and deployment scenarios
  • Understand quality and safety requirements

Data for AI

  • Extraction of texts and terminology for training the engines
  • Analyze and clean up the data for AI training

AI pilots & knowledge

  • Build and test LLMs and AI applications
  • Knowledge transfer in MVPs, pilots and workshops

Would you like to learn more about our use cases in the field of artificial intelligence?

Make your language data ready for AI!

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