Artificial intelligence

Push your products into more languages and markets a lot faster - with AI.

Latest insights in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) are driving the development of new applications at an incredible speed. The question is no longer if, but how to apply AI in your company.

However, the growing number of applications makes it difficult for customers to choose the right AI application for their language process landscape. Essential questions that our customers are asking themselves at the moment are: 

  • Large Language Models, Generative AI, GPT – what does it really mean and how can I use it for my use case?
  • When do I use AI and when should I rely on established applications?
  • How can I use my own language data in AI applications?
  • How secure are systems like ChatGPT?
  • How can AI support me with quality estimations of text and translations?
  • Can AI help to bring order to my language data chaos?
  • What does it all cost?

We help our customers answer all their questions for efficient and sustainable use of AI in their language processes and tools.

Artificial intelligence is a must today – but also still a big black box, even for experienced users. But no worries! We help you select the right AI application and ensure an efficient integration of AI into your language processes.

With our expertise, your data and AI you are master of your data volumes.

Controlling your ever-increasing data volumes and even making them work for you? Totally possible – with blc support and AI!

AI applications are even better when combined with well-maintained customer data. We support you with automatic processes to create and keep this data and to select the best AI applications for your use cases and company processes: 

  • We manage your AI use case and application requirements
  • We analyze language data for usability as well as clean and anonymize your data if needed
  • We train and test your AI applications
  • We integrate AI applications into company processes

Last but not least we accompany you when going live with your AI application and deliver support services. 

Use case “Automatic text generation in the online shop”

Challenge: An electronics specialist store regularly creates product descriptions for new articles for its online shop.
In order to save editorial costs and speed up the process of creating product descriptions, the customer wants to use automatic text creation.

Solution: berns language consulting reviews product data that is available in tabular form for each article and creates a catalog of requirements for the expected quality and style of the automatically generated product descriptions.
The catalog is used to test, compare, and present automatic text generation systems to the customer.
After the system selection, berns language consulting supports the integration into the existing system landscape at the customer’s site.

Use case “Machine translation in development”

Challenge: As part of a strategic project for a major german automotive manufacturer, it should be investigated which prerequisites must be met in order for machine translation to be effectively integrated into an existing documentation process.

Solution: As part of the project, berns language consulting has created a functional pilot and examined the following aspects:

  • Integration of existing terminology
  • Pre-processing of texts and treatment for the most precise results possible
  • Integration of the engine into the existing translation workflow
  • Ensuring data security, anonymization scenarios

Currently, the customer is planning to use machine translation productively.

We help you to use the right AI application efficiently.

AI scenarios and data

  • Define AI strategy and use cases
  • Determine quality and safety requirements
  • Analyze and clean data for training

Evaluate AI applications

  • Extract and groom data for AI training
  • Train AI applications for comparison
  • Evaluate results and select the best AI application

Optimize AI applications

  • Calibrate and optimize AI applications
  • Integrate AI systems into your system landscape
  • Offer knowledge via training and guidelines

Do you want to know more about our use-cases in the area of artificial intelligence?

Let’s future-proof your language processes with AI-applications!

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