Language Data

Language data are valuable - your company's language data even more!

Good language data are essential for the application of AI technology, such as machine translation, semantic search engines, or chatbots and for the efficient application of terminology. 

But what are language data?

Language data are all data that exist in your company, be it in written or spoken form, on cloud or on-premise servers, in content management and editing systems, or website backends.

And what are good language data?

The very best language data are well structured, bilingual, groomed, and can be processed automatically in your favorite target systems.

There are no such data in your company? But maybe we can find some, and even it not – worry you not! Also unstructured, monolingual data with lower quality can become valuable assets!

We help to bring your data into the right state with our data toolkit. 

With us, your language data finally pays off.

Never mind in which formats, quality levels, or languages your data exists, if monolingual or bilingual, structured or unstructured, as XML, TXT, PDF, CSV, DOC, HTML… We analyze, extract, enrich and modify language data according to your individual requirements. 

Analyze language data to understand the data quality

With the analysis module of our data toolkit, we create detailed graphical overviews. That way you, us, and your management get a clear picture of the state of your language data. And you can see the optimization potential of your data. 

Export language data to expand your database

If needed we extract other language data from your company’s content bases to complete the existing database or to add further languages for example. 

Enrich and modify your data to use it more efficiently

We use customizable scripts and automation techniques to fulfill your individual data requirements. And we process your data in such a way, that they can be integrated into your company’s processes in the desired format and quality.  

Better safe than sorry

We process your precious language data scrupulously and securely on our data server on premise. 

Use Case "Terminology Migration and Cleanup"

Challenge: A medium-sized mechanical engineering company wanted to switch to a Translation Management System (TMS) that was a better fit. Extensive language data was available in the form of multilingual translation memories and terminology tables in Excel, which needed to be imported into the new TMS. While doing so, it turned out that personalized fields from the Excel spreadsheet could not be transferred to the terminology entries of the new system.

Solution: Since the entry structures of the Excel spreadsheet could not be mapped to the target system with on-board equipment of the TMS, blc converted the initial data into a valid import format (e.g. TBX) to ensure a clean and automated import of all terminological information. In addition, during this migration, translation units were marked to show unwanted terminology in the translation memory, allowing targeted segment cleanup.

Use Case "Finding synonyms using vector space models"

Challenge: An automotive manufacturer needed to expand the database of an application for guided troubleshooting. The reason: Many users used a variety of names and abbreviations for specific components, error patterns, and error locations during troubleshooting and often received no results.

Solution: berns language consulting created a new, expanded database with as many variants as possible. Language data from databases, translation memories, after-sales literature, and other sources were extracted and processed. This data was used to create a vector space model of all the terms. With this data model, synonyms for existing term lists could be identified during troubleshooting, making this process highly efficient even for a wide variety of input variants.

We make your valuable language data more valuable.

Analyze language data

  • Analyze structure & content of language data
  • Create detailed reports about problematic data areas
  • Create graphical reports

Extract language data

  • Extract language data from company content base
  • Extract language data from external content bases
  • Align language data

Migrate language data

  • Modify & enrich language data
  • Standardize variants
  • Delete unwanted data
  • Migrate language data 

Do you want to know more about our use cases or how you get the most out of your language data?

Let’s put your language data to work!

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