Our Mission

We help you use the right language technology right!

We support you with our expert language technology knowledge so you can successfully bring their products to market in all channels, media, cultures, and languages. We design optimal customer processes and select the best translation, terminology, and quality assurance systems for your use cases. We consult large industrial and service customers on all parts of the multilingual content production chain.

We have access to a broad network of partners, deliver consulting services objectively, and always put your requirements first. 

We know a lot but are no wise-crackers, and we learn more with every project, customer, new tool, and colleague. 

And this is how we do it.

We examine our customers’ language business and production processes, analyze existing software or find the best suitable software on the market, be it computer-aided translation tools, machine translation engines, large (and small) language models, terminology databases or ontology systems. 

We also test, support, and define interfaces for these environments. And we support your productive language environment with our professional managed services

To remain objective in offering our services we do not sell or resell translation services or language technology of any kind and do not receive kickbacks from system suppliers or language service providers. 

Company description.

Company description.

berns language consulting (blc) is an independent consulting company based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since 2005, we have helped our customers use the very best language technology the market has to offer. 

Our team consists of trained terminologists, computational linguists, and language process experts. We consult customers on the efficient use of terminology, ontologies, and knowledge networks, train machine translation systems, and introduce terminology and translation management tools.

Our goal is to implement painless and efficient language processes for our clients. Groomed language data and language processing with artificial intelligence are essential for this.