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Kerstin Berns learned the profession from scratch. As a manager in several automotive companies, she recognized the requirements for efficient multilingual text processes at an early stage. In 2005, she decided to set up her own company. Together with her team of committed and specialized experts, she has firmly established herself on the market. We are a strong team, not only reliable and professionally experienced, but also with enthusiasm and passion: This is what customers appreciate about blc.

Kerstin Berns.

Managing partner & strategy consultant

When I worked for the automotive industry, I regularly sought objective advice for language processes – without success!
That made me think: Why not offer such advice yourself?

I quit my job at BMW, founded my company and was rewarded: berns language consulting has been successfully advising large and medium-sized international companies objectively and independently for over 18 years!
Not least thanks to a great team of experts, I love my work and am grateful for every successful year.

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Christiane Spooren.

Language process consultant & sales

Optimization of translation processes and tool consulting: These are my playing fields at blc. Since 2012, I have been ensuring that the language processes run in customer companies. I also use my know-how and years of experience in sales to offer the best solution for our customers right from the start.

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Jenny Seidel.

Terminology management & language process consultant

Getting the language processes in the field of terminology management and language quality around is my mission.
The goal is to ensure that terminology and quality assurance work hand in hand to ensure optimal translation processes for the client. I like to dive into the world of terms myself in order to keep the terminology database at a constantly high level. Already during my studies in the field of language, communication and specialist translation, I was able to express my enthusiasm for linguistics.

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Carolin Schlösser.

Language process consultant & interface analysis

Designing language processes and analyzing translation systems and system interfaces: These are my core tasks at blc.
I have been a member of the team since 2011.
Previously, I gained experience at Daimler AG in project management and operational order management in corporate language management and sharpened my view from the corporate control room.

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Christian Eisold.

Machine translation & language technology

I took my enthusiasm for automatic text analysis and data extraction from my studies of computer linguistics to blc. My main tasks here include the introduction and optimization of AI-based machine translation environments, technical consulting for terminology and ontology projects and data transformation, e.g. in system migration projects. In addition to this, I like to offer my expert knowlege to our customers in webinars and workshops.

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Veronika Bohl.

Language process consulting & project management

After 15 years with various language service providers in translation management, project management and new customer support, I have been part of the blc team since January 2022. Here, I am primarily responsible for project management and consulting when it comes to ideally structured language processes. My focus is always on the needs of the customers, the special and individual challenges and the goal-oriented implementation of complex projects.

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Rebecca Gasper.

Terminology & language process consultant

The knowledge gained in my studies in terminology & language technology as well as my passion for language, tools and terminology processes can be brought to blc on a daily basis. I support the team primarily in the field of terminology and language process consulting. I keep an eye on current language technologies and advise and accompany our customers in integrating various tools into existing or new terminology and translation processes.

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Elias Kempkens.

Data analysis & programming

The topics of data, software and innovative technologies have always been of great interest to me! That’s why I put a special focus on this in my bachelor’s degree in computer science and business administration. I am currently in the master’s degree in computer science. Since October 2020, I support the blc team as a working student in the areas of software development, data cleansing and statistical data analysis with a focus on data in natural language.

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Stephanie Kunz-Kiefer.

Marketing & Social Media

Even before my studies as a translator, I had a special affinity for languages and during my master’s degree in "Terminology & language technology" it was not only reinforced, but also extended to include another aspect, the technical side. For a long time, I have been fascinated by the language on social media and how to achieve a greater reach. At blc, I can combine language with new knowledge, providing linguistic and analytical support to the team and, above all, to the marketing and social media sectors.

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Sophia Ackermann.

Computational linguistics

I have always had an interest in language in general and an affinity for learning new languages. But it was only through my interdisciplinary master’s degree in general and applied linguistics and the Digital Humanities at the University of Würzburg that my interest in innovative technologies for processing natural language was awakened. Since October, I support blc and customers at the interface between man and machine.

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Marketing & Social Media bei blc Andrei Sumcov

Andrei Sumcov.

Marketing & Social Media

My passion for languages motivated me to complete a bachelor’s degree in Translation Studies. During a consecutive master’s program in Translation, Communication, and Language Technology, my interest grew stronger, prompting me to delve deeper into current language technologies. I am particularly focused on exploring the potentials of language and its impacts on people. As a working student at blc, I support the team in applying language as a marketing tool and efficiently communicating our message.

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