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Nobody knows or achieves anything all alone. This is why we cooperate with language technology providers who help us take our customer’s topics further.

Companies such as Kaleidoscope, Congree, and RWS use our expertise and ask for our advice and support, and vice versa.

We have an excellent network with all well-known language technology providers in the industry and exchange ideas on a regular basis. Thus, we have access to the best contacts in customer projects and solve issues fast and efficiently – for your benefit!

The language industry is constantly changing – and with it the range of language technology that is available. We also constantly adjust ourselves to the current needs of customers and technology requirements. Get in touch with us if you like to know which providers in the field of terminology management, machine translation, translation software, etc. you might consider for your application.

While we like to partner up on an informal basis, berns language consulting remains financially independent and does not sell or resell any kind of software or translation services. 

Our credo is: Objective, independent consulting services in the field of language technology

We work together with Kaleidoscope GmbH (Vienna) in numerous terminology projects to support customers using Kalcium/Quickterm efficiently.

When working with Kaleidoscope, we particularly like their excellent tools for language quality and terminology, the team’s knowledge and long-term experience, and our joint creative moments on the job (as well as, of course, fun meetings 🙂 ).

Terminologie³ is a unique conference for use cases, ideas, solutions, and brainstorming around language quality and terminology and a co-creation of berns language consulting, Kaleidoscope, and Congree.

Contact: Jenny Seidel

Together with Congree, we help customers optimize their entire language production chain, for both source and target languages. Congree offers an authoring support software that allows customers to achieve the language quality they need for all follow-up processes.

Congree provides simple and flexible authoring support software that helps customers improve the quality of content. At the same time, cost for editing and translations are reduced. Congree provides a freely accessible WhatImean platform for private use and small professional activities.

We greatly appreciate the expert knowledge of the Congree team and the friendly cooperation in our joint projects (and that they understand our nerd humor 🙂 ).

Contact: Kerstin Berns

RWS is one of the most important translation and translation technology providers in the industry. We bring customer experiences and needs directly to the RWS development team to improve RWS products for them! 

We like to work with our RWS colleagues because of their long-term industry experience and unique knowledge in the translation technology industry sector, especially for our customers’ large translation environments.

Contact: Veronika Bohl

The Coreon knowledge network system bridges the gap between language and knowledge. Instead of managing termbases and taxonomies separately, everything is drawn from one resource so that multilingual taxonomies and terminology can be unified in a highly efficient, collaborative, and visual way to express business knowledge globally. And this we love 🙂!

We like to work with the Coreon team because of their excellent knowledge of content and knowledge networks!

Contact: Christian Eisold

We are tekom company members for over 15 years and have presented at tekom conferences even longer. For us, tekom is the driver for innovation in the German technical documentation sector. 

The "Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation – tekom Deutschland e.V."  is the largest trade association for technical communication in Europe. It sees itself as a platform for the exchange of information and experience and promotes education and training and the professionalization of its members.

Tekom is committed to increasing the importance of technical communication in companies and the public (source: Tekom).

Contacts: Kerstin Berns and Jenny Seidel

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