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What is it that we do?

We untangle language processes, improve automation and provide high-quality language data for all subsequent processes.

How do we do it?

We look at language processes, design language strategies, select and test the best systems for you and provide knowledge.

Why work with us?

We are experts and work objectively and independently of tool manufacturers and language service providers. With us, your goals and processes come first!

Put your Language Data to work.

We make the most of your language data:

We ensure that your language data reaches its full potential! And we’ll find out for you if your data is good enough and how it can be optimized.

We analyze and clean up language data in all formats and bring data into shape for your language applications.

Our goal is that your valuable language data is efficiently applied in all language applications, be it translation memories, machine translation engines, semantic search engines, chatbots etc.!

Make your Terminology valuable.

We boost your Corporate Language: 

We dig for the right words in your documents and databases to build your company’s terminology database.

We create processes so that the terminology is used throughout your company and beyond.

And we tailor the terminology management system perfectly to your process landscape. 

Our goal is to make terminology work in your company!

Support your team with Managed Services.

We manage that for you: 

Are your language processes and tools taking up too much of your valuable time?  Entrust your process landscape to our experts from Managed Services.

We optimize, maintain, test, and support your language tools and processes so that everything runs smoothly. 

We support you with continuous process improvement and take care of all the tasks that professional support entails.

We do this for all language processes and systems, be it for terminology, translation, language data, language quality, or AI.

blc professional support

Apply Artificial Intelligence.

We make you and your data ready for AI: 

You would like to apply AI but don’t know, how? You want to test Large Language Models (LLMs)? You are not sure, which data you need for this?

We help select the right AI applications, prepare data for training, and test and optimize  the output quality. 

And we anonymize your data for secure AI application in the cloud.

Our goal is to make your company’s language processes better with artificial intelligence and your data!

Use Machine Translation efficiently.

With our expertise, you master your translation pipeline.

With our expertise and machine translation, you manage the translation of your increasing text volumes and save money in the process.

We support you in selecting the best Machine Translation engines for your needs. We also train, and optimize the MT-engines for you.

Our goal is that your translations always deliver – even when your text volumes increase!

Automate Translation with processes and software.

With our support and the right software, your translation is automated efficiently:

We define the ideal process for your translations. And we evaluate and implement the translation system that best fits your needs.

We train and optimize your machine translation (MT) to achieve efficient, good quality translation results. And we design your post-editing process and your post editors.

Our goal is that your translations run smoothly and efficiently, in the quality you need!

Ensure Content Quality in all languages.

We make sure that your content always has the right quality:

We define quality assurance processes for source and target languages and introduce authoring support tools for your content creation process.

And we help you to keep the content quality up, by creating checking rules and guidelines. Last but not least, we help you define quality KPIs and evaluate them for your management.

Our goal is to keep your text quality at the level you need, in all languages!

Gain knowledge through Workshops.

With the right knowledge and strategy you achieve even more:

Our experts tailor workshops around your topics. We organize online and on-site workshops, provide expert knowledge for your team, and work with you to create strategies and roadmaps that fit your company and goals.

We deliver workshop results in the form and format you need and follow up on these, to ensure that the results have a lasting effect.

Our goal is that you successfully push your company’s language topics in the right direction!