Service overview

What we do:

We de-tangle your language processes, improve the automation level and assure high-quality terminology and data for all language processes.

How we do it:

We evaluate your language processes and systems to design a language process strategy with you and your team. And we select the best systems for your needs, all the while sharing all our knowledge with you.

If you choose us:

You work with a team of objective senior experts without financial ties to tool vendors or translation providers. We have only one goal: The very best process and system solutions for you and your company’s needs!

Professional translation software.

Translation does not need to be time-consuming and expensive:

We define the ideal process for your translations. And we evaluate and implement the translation system that best fits your needs.

We train and optimize your machine translation (MT) to achieve efficient, good quality translation results. And we design your MT post-editing process and create individual guidelines.

Our goal is that your translations always run smoothly, in the quality you need!

Terminology management.

Amplify the power of your content with terminology:

We build a corporate terminology using your documents and databases. And we ensure that your internal processes are aligned, so that terminology is efficiently used throughout your company.

We select the best terminology management system for your needs. And we tailor the system to your process landscape!

Our goal is that your corporate terminology really works, everywhere!

Machine translation (MT).

Control your data and use it for your own benefit:

We help you manage growing translation volumes while saving cost at the same time by specializing your machine translation with your company’s data. 

We help you select the best MT system for your business. And we train and test your MT engines to ensure that the translation quality is up to your expectations.

Our goal is to help you manage your growing translation volumes efficiently, on the quality level you need. 

Language data processing.

We make your valuable language data more valuable:

We make sure that your language data reaches its full potential. And if you are not sure, if your data is in good enough shape, we analyze your data and find out for you. 

We analyze language data in all kinds of systems and formats. And we optimize your language data and bring it into the shape that is needed for your language processes. 

Our goal is to make your language data work to its full potential in classical as well as AI language applications, such as machine translation, semantic searches, chatbots …!

Content quality optimization.

We make sure that your content has the quality you need:

We define your content quality processes. And we introduce the best quality tools for your content process so that your authors have the support they need to produce best quality content. 

We also create quality rule-sets and guidelines, tailored to your processes. 

Our goal is that your content quality is in the shape you need, always, in all languages!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) application.

We help you to introduce AI efficiently in your language processes:

We evaluate your use cases and select the best AI language applications for your needs. 

We train and specialize AI language applications with your data and evaluate and optimize the output quality. And we anonymize your data for secure use in cloud-based AI language applications. 

Our goal is that your language processes work better with artificial intelligence while your valuable language data is secure!

Strategy and knowledge.

We help you to be even more successful with strategy and knowledge: 

We create workshops for you depending on your specific topics. And we organize and moderate online or on-site workshops for strategy building and knowledge sharing. 

With a thorough workshop preparation and follow-up, we make sure that the knowledge that we share is exactly what you and your team need!

Our goal is that you push your language topics forward successfully and in the right direction.