Retail Sector

Digitalization of the retail sector

The retail sector is permanently transforming. Consumer behavior, social development, and the rapid evolution of the field of digitalization are important reasons for this constant change. 

Those who react quickly and have the right answers to consumers’ digital needs will be able to compete in this ever-changing market.

This means that content must be available immediately, in all languages, for all markets and channels, with the required quality and adapted to product, culture, and demography. AI translation methods, such as machine translation, but also ontologies, and automatic text generation are key elements of a successful digital trade strategy.

We support retail companies with the implementation of optimal language processes, especially in the field of machine translation and ontology creation and application.

Challenge: In retail and online retail, product turn around is speeding up extremely!
Only those who quickly serve all markets with product information in the needed languages will succeed in this very competitive market. Our customer needed to optimize time-to-market and simply speed-up content (and thus product) to market.

Solution: We set up a machine translation process by selecting, training and optimizing the best-fitting MT-engines.
Very quickly, many new markets were connected to the process and existing ones were supplied with content a lot faster and in their languages. Turn-around and thus sales numbers increased immediately.

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