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IT Technology & Services

Use-case cloud translation for optimal collaboration

The challenge: In the IT sector, things have to go quickly and, above all, you have to access them from everywhere. And even if the use of the cloud is still viewed with suspicion in Germany, there is no way around it. Our customer in the IT sector wanted a translation management process with optimal networking of all parties involved (internal as well as external) and the highest possible flexibility and interface friendliness.

Solution: We suggested to the customer the use of a cloud TMS and supported the coordination with data protection in the company. We developed user stories with the customer, evaluated several systems based on this and prepared the cloud TMS of choice for acceptance. For this purpose, we have prepared the language data available to the customer as resources and configured the system in such a way that the user stories are ideally displayed. Today, the customer works successfully with the cloud TMS and can decide at any time whether to translate internally or externally, with or without machine translation.

Introduce use-case translation management internally

Challenge: An online service provider had manual, complex translation processes and wanted an in-house solution that would meet its requirements ‘simply, quickly and cheaply’.

Solution: berns language consulting analyzed the requirements and prioritized them together with the customers.
Two matching cloud TMS were then presented and one of them was selected by the customer. The existing customer resources were migrated from blc to the tool and the workflow was set up according to customer requirements. The customer has accepted the system and can now automate and translate quickly and efficiently in-house and with agencies.

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