Participate in the Language Intelligence 2024 AI Use Case Slam! 

The call for speakers for the Language Intelligence summit 2024 in Vienna from November 19-20 is open, and this year we introduce a new format: the AI Use Case Slam.

Do you have a cool AI use case in your desk drawer, or have you already tried and tested one around multilingual content creation, translation, interpretation, quality estimation, review, or other?

AI Use-Case Slam
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Then come to Vienna and join our AI Use Case Slam to present your use case, try out your idea, find partners, and understand if this is something that people might need.

With this format, we aim to ignite new ideas around AI language applications and connect people and companies to create new approaches.

What does ‘slam’ mean and how does it work?

You might have heard of poetry slams or science slams. A slam is a competition where several participants fight to win the audience’s approval.

A slam session is short: We have planned 10 minutes per participant.

A slam session is creative:  present your AI-Use case via speech, video, demo, slides, etc., whichever you feel most comfortable with and showcases your use case best.

A slam session is structured into an intro, description, and outro. In preparation for your slam session, answer the following questions, and you will be ready to slam:

Intro-Part (3 min.):

  • Who are you and why are you here?
  • What pain did you want to solve and for whom?
  • How did you come to this idea?

AI Use Case presentation/description (4 min.):

  • Describe your AI use case (idea)
  • Present what you already have done or want to do.
  • Explain how you created this AI use case.
  • Describe what / who / what type of support you are looking for.

Outro (3 min.):

  • What is still needed to make your AI use case ‘fly’ in your opinion?
  • Why do you think your AI use case is the best?

Who can apply and how?

Everyone with a cool AI use case can apply

LSPs, tech suppliers, consultants, industry clients, and students, the participants are not limited. We want to hear about your new AI use-case ideas that are not ‘out there’ yet and are in the early stages of Technology and Business Readiness.

How you apply

Just submit a title and a brief description (400 characters) in English on Language Intelligence 2024, please add "Proposal for AI Use Case Slam" to your description so we know what you are applying for. 

Code of conduct

With your application, you automatically confirm our code of conduct: AI use cases are based on the slammers’ ideas and resources and remain thus. No use cases from other companies or individuals may be copied without the owners’ consent.

May the best AI use case win!

Are you also interested in getting more out of AI in your language processes?

Get in touch and we will find the best solution for you together!

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