LT-Innovate & SEMANTiCS


Banishing Terminology Chaos: The Terminology Database to the Rescue!

At this year’s LT-Innovate & SEMANTiCS in Leipzig, Sophia Ackermann (blc) will give a presentation together with I.R. (Porsche) entitled: “Banishing Terminology Chaos: The Terminology Database to the Rescue!“.

Is your language inconsistent in front of customers? Do your terminology lists not match those of other areas? Then Sophia and Ira’s presentation is just the thing for you, as they will use Porsche as an example to show how to extract terminology from different datasets and unify it into one database state.

The presentation will be given in English, but if you would like to hear the content in German, you should miss Sophia Ackermann’s talk at the tekom Annual Conference 2023.

Sophia Ackermann studied at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg Digital Humanities (MA) and General and Applied Linguistics (MA). During her studies, she discovered her interest in innovative technologies for natural language processing and specialized in the interface between language and machine. Since October 2022 she has been with berns language consulting GmbH as a computer linguist, where she advises clients primarily in the areas of terminology and language process management as well as machine translation.

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