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This year’s tcworld China will take place in Shanghai on 23 and 24 May under the motto: “Smarter technology, better communication!”.
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At tcworld China, local and international experts in the field of technical communication will share their experiences and best practices with solutions for China-specific challenges.
Participants have the opportunity to participate in presentations, workshops and interactive sessions.

Kerstin Berns (CEO) will represent us at berns language consulting with following customer presentation:

“The Porsche Terminology Race – and How We Will Win It!”

Does the following sound familiar to you?

Your team applies terminology lists, which do not (entirely) comply with the terminology lists of other teams in your company. Your company’s terminology is inconsistent for team colleagues and customers alike. All this leads to unnecessary confusion and miscommunication.

Then let us take you with us on our terminology race!

In this presentation, we, Porsche project lead and Kerstin Berns, managing partner of berns language consulting will share with you, why and now we started the Porsche terminology race, where we stand right now, and how we plan to cross the finishing line 😊!

We will demonstrate to you how we unified a great number of very differently formatted terminology lists into one neat data set and how we cleaned up all that data. We will also share with you how we managed to lay the foundation for high-quality terminology management which is useful to the entire Porsche brand in all countries, worldwide! And of course, we will shed light on how we automated this process and which methodologies and tools where applied.

In the end, we will talk about how the project team successfully created a reliable and useful database that benefits Porsche in various ways, e.g., by improving recognition of vehicle functions and their understandability throughout different customer touchpoints.

Finally, we take a sneak peek into the international future of multilingual terminology work at Porsche as well as at the future usefulness of clean terminology for simply everything!

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