A small FAQ on multilingual communication

You would like to further develop your communication processes, but can’t find the time for it? Your company is too small to optimize anything? Your translation agency claims to have everything under control, but you are not sure what is going on behind the scenes? We will answer your questions!

We don’t have enough manpower to accomplish everything- what should we do?

Translations, terminology, and complaints- it is all becoming too much? You don’t know where your head is at? Or have you always had an idea in mind, but no time to address it? Don’t worry, you don’t need to tackle it all alone! There are many ways to free up your to-do list:

  • Many processes can be automated! As the saying goes: There is a system for everything. So you no longer need to manually send data back and forth, or look for errors.
  • It often helps to outsource small tasks. Finding the definition for new terminology, monitoring terminology coordination, or grooming your data – all of these things can easily be done externally. This way, you will finally have the free time and energy to deal with more pressing issues!
  • Get experts on board to tackle your development issues. This will save you the time you would have used to read through the material and compare the offers yourself. You will receive the best solutions the market has to offer- an individual and transparent approach!

Your management wants to follow latest trends like MT and AI – but you don’t know how?

AI, Deep Learning, MT … it can all be quite confusing! Does it even make sense in your company? Do you have the right data and processes in place for it? How is it supposed to work in the first place? Work with professionals in the field to develop a strategy that fits your business and will also make your management proud.

We have a system – now what?

Implementing a system is a great first step, but it’s certainly not the last! There will always be work to be done in order to reap the full benefits out of a system. How can you integrate market feedback into the system? How can terminology coordination be mapped into your system? The work of a translation process is never done.

We trust our agency – is that smart?

A reliable partner is worth its weight in gold. However – you should retain control over your own data. Texts can be repetitive – are you re-paying for content that has already been translated or do you only pay for new content? Your agency manages your MT engine, but what is the actual post-editing effort? If you manage your data in the translation memory (i.e. the translation repository) and MT system yourself, you will always have an overview of what’s going on. Additionally, you are able to quickly and safely trace errors yourself.

Is it not enough for our target markets to handle the translations?

Involving target markets in the process is important! Their feedback is priceless. However, the communication within your company should stay consistent. What terminology do these markets use? How is their translation quality proofed? It is immensely important for your brand image and reach that your information quality and communication strategy is uniform.

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Now my head is buzzing!

Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, we have already supported many companies from all sorts of industries and departments with their multilingual communication process! Your process could be uniform, efficient and flawless– and we’re happy to help make that happen. We will tackle your goals together, step by step.


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