Christmas time with berns language consulting – the picture advent calendar 🎅🎄


For the last few years we have always written our blcAllstars blog for you just before Christmas, shared our good intentions and wishes for the coming year and told us our high- and also low-lights from the current year.

This year, we thought about accompanying you through the Christmas season as an advent calendar. Therefore, we will share our most beautiful pictures of 2022 with you on weekdays – whether in private or in connection with blc or just Christmas pictures. (On the weekends we take a break so that you don’t miss anything 😉 )

And as with a real advent calendar, we distributed the door numbers all over 😀 

Have fun with our advent calendar and don’t forget to go to our blog from the workplace and enjoy our pictures 🙂


blc advent calendar


We’re getting started!

Hand in hand, we support you in your challenges. We advise you and accompany you through the entire process.

Just contact us, then we will see what we can do for you.


Brille (preferred)
Lesehilfe (rejected)
Term Checker (desired)

Definition: Tool to see terminology clearly.

Not only with our nerdic eyeglass cleaning cloth, but above all through our work you keep the view of your terminology management 😉


This word cloud was created after our Terminologie³ event this year.
You voted, the error celebration, but also the keynote by Manfred Gotta were particularly popular.
If you would like to see the recordings, please do not hesitate to contact us.


When we are traveling together, one thing is always certain:  We all enjoy eating and the food is always fantastic.

Freshly strengthened, fresh to work aka language processes.


Exploring foreign cultures is always important, as it gives you the opportunity to learn new things and to deal with problems better in projects. Because, as we all know, "other countries, different customs". Of course, we are always happy to take advantage of this opportunity to better understand and support you in the projects 🙂


Nothing’s gonna stop us! We will be happy to advise you until we fall over 😉

Our team will always work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Be it professional translation software, machine translation or terminology management – we are there for you.


Well, who guesses which city we are in?


Oh, this is a colorful advent calendar – with so many beautiful pictures and people!

There is not much left to say, so succinctly:

We wish you and your families and friends a wonderful Christmas and a magnificent start to a peaceful 2023!

Best wishes

Your blc team


Today we even have a small Santa Clause gift for you 😉

Because there is an exclusive link to the Terminologie³ webinar for our loyal website visitors. Register quickly, otherwise Krampus or Knecht Ruprecht will come 😉

Register for the webinar


Our favorite picture of our booth at the tekom annual conference 2022.


Here you can see us at this year’s workshop. As always, we were very productive and were able to brainstorm new ideas and strategies together. But there was also some time fot the creativity and fun, as you can see on the tables 😉


And because it was so beautiful in Prague, there is still a picture of our workshop 😊

At the end of the year, we review the year behind us and set internal goals and strategies together. This year we noticed that we are missing each other more than we thought we would, so we want to see each other more often as a team and visit each other next year. Since we are scattered throughout Germany, it is not so easy to meet regularly, but we will try to strengthen our team even further. 🦾 #notwithoutmyteam



We dissolve: We went to fantastic Prague!

It is really always worth a visit!


A group picture from our last team building workshop, because especially in times of home office it is important to have a well-functioning team. That’s why we come together once a year from almost all corners of Germany and work, laugh, eat and drink together. As a team, we can thus optimally support you in projects.


If you have been asking yourself about our creativity since the 12th…

… we made photo booth masks and made funny pictures 😉


Some people already know it from the home page, some do not: May I introduce? Woody von Bökerhook aka Good Mood Support.

Woody is allowed to visit us in the office from time to time and we are allowed to stroke and so our stress level is reduced quickly. We are happy, he is (mostly) liked to be petted and can then continue working full of happiness.


Well, could you guess where we held our workshop this year?

If not, we have another hint today 😉


We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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