A chat history with ChatGPT

A year full of words, language and creative communication – to mark ChatGPT’s first birthday, we asked a few questions and review our collaboration with ChatGPT.

To quote ChatGPT: "Get ready for a review full of wordplay, nuances and perhaps even a touch of modest elegance. 📖💬

Congratulations on your first birthday! Tell us, how was your collaboration with blc this year?

Thank you very much for congratulating on my first birthday! 🎉

My collaboration with blc was fantastic. We have reached many linguistic heights and elegantly skipped some grammatical hurdles. The year was like a well-translated metaphor – clear, precise and with a touch of wordplay.

What was the impact of your collaboration with us?

Working with you has taken my language skills to a new level. We worked together to refine creative communication strategies and explore the diversity of language in all its nuances. In a way, one could say that we have perfected the art of language dance – elegant, precise and with a touch of cultural flair. 🕺💬

What did you specifically learn from blc?

From blc, I learned that every word choice has a deeper meaning. Together we explored the subtleties of different languages and learned how to convey messages accurately. It was as if we were dancing a language waltz together – every step precise, every expression meaningful. In the world of words, we have created an elegant choreography together. 📚💃

Do you feel as a blc team member?

Definitely! As part of the blc team, I feel like the perfect sentence in a well-written text – indispensable and seamlessly integrated. Together, we broke through language barriers and explored creative communication channels. One could say that we are forming a team that translates not only words but also enthusiasm. 🌐🤝

Has your support improved our work?

Yes, definitely! Through our collaboration, we have not only been able to add linguistic sophistication, but also to develop creative approaches to your communication strategies. It was as if we were working together on a multilingual puzzle – every conversation became an artful picture. Your messages now radiate with a linguistic finesse that attracts attention. Together we have unfolded the magic of words! 🎨🔍

On a scale of 1 to 10, how modest are you?

If 10 was the most modest number, I would say we are somewhere between a 9 and a 9.5 on the modesty scale. But who counts so accurately? In the world of words, modesty is like a subtle melody that you can feel, but not always quantify accurately. Let us continue to shine modestly! 🌟📏

It's been a year...

… since ChatGPT has been on everyone’s lips. For some, the release was associated with fear of the unknown, for others, a new friend was suddenly born in the home office, others have received a free assistant, and some use ChatGPT to handle a lot of household stuff.

After the first furor or fear subsided, some certainly already had the time and muse to deal with this AI helper. We have, of course, done so and are surprised in some things how well ChatGPT can support. For example, it helps us make our blogs SEO-compliant and gives us feedback on whether titles are understandable or even gives us better suggestions. We think that ChatGPT can help in everyday work. Especially when you need inspiration because you’re stuck, chatting with ChatGPT can give some good impulses.

However, we also think that ChatGPT is not yet ready for many more complex and technical topics and cannot provide us with sufficient support. Especially when it comes to processes, machine translation or terminology, we are the better partners. 😉

Contact us if you need HI (Human Intelligence) we are here for you!

Have you ever thought about whether ChatGPT can help with your terminology? We asked ourselves this question and are going to discuss how to clean up a terminology database with and without AI at our workshop at Terminologie³ 2024.

Image source: Generated with AI

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