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Let’s be strategic

Let’s be strategic

Defining a strategy sounds complicated? Not at all! We create strategies all the time, for example, investment strategies or nutrition strategies. Simply put, a strategy is a plan for behavior in order to achieve goals in a more or less distant future (for example, lose 10 kilos 😉). If this goal is very far in the future, you can also speak of a vision ("When I retire in 30 years, I want to be financially independent.").

The importance of testing

2"Is everything working the way it should now?" This question is often uttered while introducing translation memory, terminology management or similar systems. We can quite simply answer this question with "Yes!" If, and only if  conscientious testing  has been carried out from start to finish. In this blog, I present errors and obstacles we have encountered in client projects when introducing new tools. And of course I also explain why a conscientious test management guarantees a successful system go-live!
Wie Sie mit guten Texten ihr Produkt verkaufen!

How good content helps you sell your product

Good content determines the success or failure of a product. You may think a good product is enough. But that is not the case! If the text advertising the product does not catch the customer’s attention within 2 seconds, the customer will not buy the product. Today, the product variety is simply too large. This makes it even more important to deliver a sales-proof text!