Christiane, what do you do at berns language consulting?

Christiane, what do you do at berns language consulting?

Recently, I was once again confronted with my favorite question: And what are you doing?
The question is not so easy to answer because my tasks are so diverse: From my core task in sales to the design of suitable processes in ongoing projects to the evaluation of translation systems, everything is there.

Business consulting?

Yes, I do business consulting. But not only! I also do process analyzes, system consulting and workshops.
And all this in a very special area: Languages & translation.


Yes, I am in sales and offer our services to our existing customers as well as new customers. But it’s not classical sales! As a consultant, I am also very deep in our topics and know what I am talking about. Thanks to my many years of experience at blc, I know the processes of our customers like the back of my hand – so you don’t start from scratch again with me!


No, I don’t translate myself. I do not develop systems either. There are already enough specialists for this. We focus on the processes behind it. Because we want translations to be produced in the most cost-effective, high-quality and fastest way. This includes a whole host of different gears that mesh together and are all important in their own way.

A good process only works when all process gears work together smoothly.

My own role in this

In sales, I am primarily concerned that our customers get what they are looking for when they knock at our door. It’s important to me not to sell anything you can’t work with in the end:

  • No solution proposals that are actually slightly too big for your processes.
  • Not a huge concept pamphlet that is best used as a fire source.
  • No systems that ruin you or that you are left with all alone.

We find solutions that suit you and we accompany you to the end – if you want!

That is why the satisfaction survey is an important part of my work. After or in the ongoing project, I show up to see if everything is fine and you feel well taken care of. Because that is our quality promise:

You and your processes are in the spotlight for us!

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