Stephanie, what do you do at berns language consulting?

Stephanie, what do you do at berns language consulting?

When asked what I do professionally, I usually answer: “I work in marketing.” Or “I’m a marketeer.” Or “I’m in charge of my company’s social media.” This is usually followed by:

A) What exactly do you do then?

B) Why don’t you work as a translator?!

C) What is your business doing?

Fortunately, Vroni has already clarified the last one in the penultimate blog. I have an answer to the other questions. And like every story, mine has a beginning:

How did I get to blc?

Those who know me know that I’m always a bit of a stickler for a story, so here’s the short version:

After graduating from school, I was an aupair in a bilingual family, I realized that (I grew up bilingually myself) I had always translated and could make this my profession. No sooner said than done, I studied translation.

After my BA studies I started to work in a texmex restaurant as a waitress, created duty rosters, helped to develop the concept, made some content for the Insta, restructered and redesigned the menu and then I noticed that I enjoyed it and my journey wasn’t ended. Then I started my master’s degree in terminology and language technology and so I joined blc as a working student for marketing and social media.

This has no common thread?
Of course, it has! This job combines all the things that have given me pleasure in my past career. Language, development, creativity, language jokes. All this is what I have at berns language consulting in marketing.

I have a (marketing) plan.

In marketing, it is important to see everything holistically and not, an event here, a webinar there and in between, a blog. The year has to be planned for the most part at the beginning of it. For this I have a nice colorful table, in which I enter all the dates already set such as events.

So in etwas sieht unser Marketingboard in Miro aus
I brought a tiny excerpt of the marketing board in Miro.

We discuss which of the events are of interest to us and at which we even want to be represented with lectures. In addition, we brainstorm which lecture topics you might be interested in. Once this is done, it’s time to plan the content. So I plan long in advance which blog topics fit the events or our lectures and create a posting plan in which I record the time of the blog releases, then I plan write the postings for our LinkedIn page. After a correction loop, they are ready to read and wait for their posting day to come.

To ensure that you can actually see and hear us at these events, ideas not only need to be collected, but also submitted. To prevent this from getting lost among the many important client projects, I stay on top of them and remind my colleagues of the deadlines at regular intervals.

Where do the ideas for LinkedIn come from?

For LinkedIn, I follow my own strategy: Privately, I also like to try out new things – only in this way I know whether I like things or not. So, I do on LinkedIn and try things like #teamtuesday, or create surveys, post with and post without a picture. Does something have more success and is better received by you? Yes, indeed. In my regular evaluations, I can see which topics or posting types you are increasingly interested in. And that’s what I respond to, so it’s also always very important to have a plan that you can discard or change if necessary.

This is the only way we can react to trends or take events into account. And when I see that a medium doesn’t work at all, I respond to it. But I don’t just write for LinkedIn, I also create a lot of images in between, because our followers like our blc faces 😉

And for the blogs?

We pay attention to trends, listen to our customers or to what doesn’t seem easy to understand ourselves or check what has changed. With our blogs, we try to explain things, how they work, what’s behind them or why, for example, terminology management, machine translation or professional translation software are good for you. We really respond to the needs of our clients and break down the topics in an easily understandable way.

Some ideas come from team conversations or from one of our internal workshops. And some ideas come from holidays or other festivities. But one thing is clear: We never run out of ideas. So you will still be able to read a lot of us 😉

LinkedIn is not everything, isn't it?

Correct! A large part, but not everything. Another important point of my job is to keep the website up-to-date with everything that goes with it. This includes the blogs, but also the dates, the texts (I commission these from my colleagues), the pictures, topicality and most elementary: the functionality. If there are mistakes, they don’t get past me.

In addition to the website, I take care of our newsletter – are you already registered for this? 🤔 If not, you can subscribe directly to our newsletter here!

But all this would not be possible without working with the entire blc team! Ideas remain ideas when none processes them into a blog, lecture, webinar or other. 

What's next?

And if you miss a particular topic, I can help and have my colleagues work on the topic.

Feel free to contact me!


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