Veronika, what do you do at berns language consulting?

Among other things, my fascination with languages connects me with my colleagues at blc. I could also imagine doing "something with languages" in the past. Who couldn’t do that back then? I can already tell you: I never became a translator and that’s a good thing!

I have definitely managed to do "something with languages" every day. Certainly not as seen in daydreams many years ago, but quite different, but definitely even more exciting.

This is how the project begins

Because I was fascinated by languages and the basic questions of human coexistence, I have dealt with them in the study of cultural studies. In addition to my studies, I learned four other languages, I dealt with conflicts along language boundaries, but unfortunately I did not solve the remaining questions. The discipline was just the right one for me: As a cultural scientist, I prefer to search and find the context and context rather than indulge in details.

I am lucky that we have colleagues with an admirable love of detail. This is what the computer linguists, or the terminologists with their keen eye for linguistic subtleties, take care of.

What do I do at blc?

My job is primarily to keep the threads together in our complex projects as project manager. Of course, this includes the organization of all processes and steps as well as the communication with our customers and also beautiful (supposedly dry) topics such as billing. In addition, I support translating between our customers and our specialists so that the wishes and requirements of our customers are transferred and broken down in such a way that we can deliver an optimal result. So what about languages, and even translation! Different from what was originally thought, but ideal for me.

Before joining blc, I spent many years working with various smaller and larger language service providers in project management. Through a small professional excursion into the technical development of a large automobile manufacturer, I was predestined to support the large automotive customers. Here I learned everything about translation management, including tight deadlines, high quality standards and creative methods for translating a maximum of text in a minimum of time. I was particularly happy to serve new clients, took the first steps with them and ensured that the translation projects run smoothly from the outset.

Designing processes and immersing myself in the world of customers was what fascinated me most. The classic translation has far too much details, others can do much better!

This is how the project went on...

So a switch to blc 2021 was a logical consequence and a welcome development for me. We look at the processes long before the actual translations, we immerse ourselves in the reality of our customers and together we find the best way to achieve the best process. I am always amazed by the fascinating topics of our customers as well as the specialist knowledge and the solutions of my blc colleagues. Even if we have clear expertise in machine translation, terminology management, professional translation software, it never gets boring, because no project is like the other and there are always new technologies to discover, solve exciting questions and create completely new contexts.

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