Carolin, what do you do at berns language consulting?

Short question, short answer? Impossible! Because I am one of those lucky people whose work is so diverse and multifaceted that there simply cannot be a short answer. Over the years – I have been part of the blc team since 2011 – I have supported many different projects and supervised many different topics, so to be honest, a summary is not so easy.

Check systems, optimize existing processes, connect interfaces, create documentation, test workflows, support users, correct errors, record and sort customer requirements, devise processes and configurations, compare with system manufacturers, ensure language quality in the various workflow phases…

Currently, I am primarily concerned with the translation environment of a major customer. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of automation – and thus save time and money – all components and modules must be ideally interlinked in and with all systems participating. And this only works if the underlying data and configurations are correct, constantly reviewed, and adjusted as needed.

In addition to communication with internal and external parties – e.g. to set up access to the system – this also includes the analysis and evaluation of error messages, support for various user groups and exchange with the respective system manufacturer.
As part of the further development of system landscapes, I plan test phases, create test cases and sets and supervise the test execution right up to the successful GoLive.


And how did it come about?

Language(s) in themselves have always interested and fascinated me, so after graduating from school, studying linguistics was the next logical step. In combination with my always existing affinity for IT and technology, working at blc is the perfect match.


I am very fortunate to be able to combine my personal preferences and interests with my professional activity. So, I have great joy in what I do every day and look forward to every new, exciting facet.

And if you think you need support right here, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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