More visibility for language topics in your company

More visibility for language topics in your company

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get your language topic heard in your company? Your work in translation or terminology management etc. is not seen? Would you like to have more visibility into language topics in your company? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We will show you how your topic will become more popular for your colleagues.

How your topic gets into the corporate strategy

To ensure that your topic (terminology, translation management, tools, etc.) does not slip under the radar, it must become part of the corporate strategy. This means that your management must understand the importance of the topic for the company and establish a topic policy with fixed mandates and responsibilities.

How do you do that?

In order to get the attention of your management – or the Top Management Commitment – you can set up the following things:

  • Management presentations: With cost-benefit analyses, negative examples (what has gone wrong because no attention was paid to the topic?), case studies from other companies with successful processes/tools.
  • Suggestions for standardized processes: What does your ideal world look like? How can this be implemented? What benefits would this change bring to the entire business? How would future-oriented trends be supported (e.g. artificial intelligence, digitization)?
  • Metrics to measure improvement: Increased translation quality by reducing complaints, reduced costs by re-using and improving consistency, speed of translation operations, etc.

You don’t fit that into your daily business? You don’t have to. We are happy to help you with management presentations, business cases or process sketches – plus: Expertise from outside – an impulse from the market – can already achieve a lot of visibility!

Mehr Sichtbarkeit durch Messbarkeiit

Get awareness for your topic!

Did your management understand that your language topic is important and that it deserves a place in the corporate strategy? Now it is important to spread the topic into the company and bring it into the consciousness of your colleagues. So that everyone knows: This is something we must adhere to, it is no longer optional but binding.

How do you do that?

Ideally, you will have received resource and budget approval from management and can now start implementation: 

Integrate your topic

  • in the business processes: Do you need a new translation or terminology management system, an engine for machine translation etc.? Then get external partners on board, define your requirements and evaluate various tools until you have found the right one. Once it is in place, implement the processes around it.
  • in the processes of your colleagues: Editorial processes/systems, product management, service providers (translators, DTP, interpreters, etc.) etc.
  • In current trends: Your company is pursuing an AI strategy? Then place your topic directly there. Show that good artificial intelligence only works with good data, output is significantly better if corporate language is included, or you could even develop a chatbot or a good knowledge network for the company with your topic.

More visibility through advertising

You have everything you need to get started, but no one follows you? Then you have to go and do some marketing for your language topic. Happy news does not spread by itself.

  • Use existing platforms: Intranet, corporate magazine, blog or newsletter/ticker – you can use all of this to talk about your topic. Innovations, fun facts, some how-to, interesting facts … There are no limits to your imagination. Regularly bring yourself to the attention of your colleagues!
  • Product meetings with a large number of participants: In order for your colleagues to take part, you must be at the start everywhere and early! Your topic is terminology? Then you will participate in product meetings where new terminology is emerging. Your subject is translation? Then you get involved in user experience meetings in order to show optimization potential early on. Feel free to annoy your colleagues a little with your topic – collegially, of course 😉
  • External impact: Your colleagues tend to dismiss your topic? Then you could give a presentation at specialist conferences such as Terminologie³ or the tcworld conference. Show what you’ve achieved! In some companies there are also internal events with a long reach, so get your place here. Your theme deserves visibility! And if you are present at such events, your colleagues will also notice that your topic should be taken seriously.

Secure the motivation of your colleagues!

The last person in your company has heard of your language topic? Very good! Now gain the motivation of your colleagues so that everyone pulls together and fills your topic with life.

How do you do that?

In the beginning, your colleagues are probably very motivated. Your theme is completely new, you were able to inspire them, the new platform appears in its splendor. But after a while, the daily grind creeps in.
The first edges and corners in the platform are found. The process is not so smooth. Your colleagues must adhere to new standards, which means more effort and less flexibility. And the motivation wanes away …

  • Look for allies: Perhaps you have already been able to attract fans to your language topic on your way through the company who believe in your vision and spread the topic? Find sparring partners in other companies that go through the same process – through exchange forums or customer groups. We are happy to arrange contacts here! Here too, outside expertise can help to give your topic new momentum. What do you think of how many office doors we have knocked on for our customers?!
  • Offer training: Many simply lack the time to deal with new processes and systems. Presumably, there was training from the system manufacturers at the beginning, but the acquired knowledge will wane over time. Integrate your topic into mandatory training courses, into onboarding for new employees or offer regular training yourself. How do I add new terminology? How do I report translation errors? Tips and tricks for using our Authoring Checker. So you get in contact with your colleagues and learn first hand why they are so hard with your topic, what they lack, how you can help.

More visibility for your language topic? Check!

You don’t get visibility for your language topic overnight. It is a process that takes a long breath. You will probably encounter headwinds and stumbling blocks again and again. Why? Change is uncomfortable. But necessary.

Do not give up! It’s worth it. And if you look back on what you have achieved in five years, you can certainly give yourself a pat on the back.

You don’t want to go through it alone? Understandable! You don’t have to. We have already supported many clients in developing their language topic and establishing it in their company in the long term.

Contact us to learn more!

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